Fire/Tow/Rescue Cross Training

2 Day Fire-Tow-Rescue Cross Training Course
May 13-14, 2020 in Myrtle Beach, SC

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We welcome everyone, including:
• Towing Operators
• Fire Rescue
• Police
• DOT Personnel
• Service Technicians

Featuring: NFPA Pro Board-Certified Rescue Technician, Jeffrey Lyons
Jeffrey has over 30 years of experience in the towing industry. He has dedicated most of his career to managing operations for Lyons Collision, the family run business his father started which specializes in auto body work and 24 hour towing service. Jeff also has 20 years of service in the Shelby Volunteer Fire Department, including time as Assistant Chief, EMT Captain, and Training Officer. Over the years, Jeff has responded to many unique accident scenes and has completed hundreds of hours of training in both Towing and Recovery, from light to heavy rigging, as well as various courses in Fire Rescue. Jeff holds a number of certifications, including NFPA Pro Board-Certified Rescue Technician, Level 1 & 2 for vehicles and Level 1 for machinery.

And Towing and Recovery Instructor,
Wes Wilburn

Wes Wilburn, 30 year Towing Industry Veteran and Founder of American Towing and Recovery Institute of Fayetteville, NC. Wes has been published over 100 times in major towing publications.
He has produced and conducted training and certification programs for leading towing companies, equipment distributors, and towing associations across the United States. Wes has “shared information” as a main speaker for twenty-one years at 800 plus sessions and has been recognized as one of America’s Greatest Towing Trainers.
He is well known for his straight forward but down to earth teaching style. 

16-Hour Fire Tow Cross Training Course Includes:

  • Frame and construction features of heavy/large vehicles and machinery or other large objects
  • Use and components of a rescue chain assembly
  • Use, care and maintenance of wire rope power winches
  • Large and heavy object weight estimation
  • Hybrid vehicle awareness and basic shutdown procedures (car and heavy truck)
  • Types and examples of lifting devices that use mechanical advantage principles
  • Identification and use of various sling confligurations
  • Steps necessary to lift and/or move large objects
  • Use of commercial light and heavy wreckers and recovery services to assist at incidents involving large transportation vehicles.